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3 Reasons to Book Off-Season Travel

Before your trip

Experienced travelers know there’s a code when it comes to travel seasons. High season, low season, shoulder season and off season – your choi...

Eight things you didn't know about New Zealand Wine

New Zealand, Before your trip

The Classic New Zealand Wine Trail is one of the world’s most iconic self-drive wine journeys

How to Stay Cyber Safe with a VPN when you Travel

Before your trip

Cyber security is on everyone's minds these days, and travelers in particular can be vulnerable when they are on public wifi networks.Even in your ...

Customize Your European River Cruise with a Themed Itinerary

Before your trip

Which river cruise is going to meet your needs?

Top 10 Sunny Destinations to Escape The Winter

Before your trip

Top 10 destinations to Escape winter!

6 Tips to Survive - and Enjoy - an 'Obli-cation'

Before your trip

When your 'vacation' is really an obligation, you're taking an 'obli-cation'. You've taken these trips: cross-country to the in-laws' for the ...

夏威夷 Hawaii ~ 歐胡島 Oahu ~ Paradise Awaits

Hawaii, Before your trip

說到海島,大家想到的第一個或許就是夏威夷,這個被稱為「人間天堂」的地方,全因為它不僅擁有得天獨厚的地理環境,還有全年溫暖怡人的氣候。在這裡您會忘掉一切憂愁,慢下來,去感受生活。夏威夷群島位於太平洋接近正中間,主要島嶼包括﹕歐胡島 Oahu,茂宣島 Maui,夏威夷大島 Island of Ha...

介紹加拿大 - 維多利亞八個必去景點推介

Victoria, British Columbia, Before your trip

維多利亞 Victoria 位於加拿大的BC省-不列顛哥倫比亞省,鄰近温哥華,沿海地區休閒,擁有著許多國家級歷史建築物,冬天氣候相比加拿大的內陸地區和暖,所以是不少內陸加拿大人的度假勝地。維多利亞夏天繁花盛放;冬天避雪一流,我們今次就來探訪一下這個加拿大的沿海城市,現在就等我們帶大家參觀一下維...


North Vancouver, British Columbia, Before your trip

您好,我是李敏兒,Catherine Lee!我將會是您的資深旅遊顧問,為您貼心打造獨一無二的假期是我們的職責,讓您輕鬆享受難忘的夢想旅程是我的使命。作為旅遊狂熱份子的我,有數之不盡的個人旅遊及團體旅遊的經驗,亦都深明規劃一個難忘愉快的旅程最不容易。讓我在這裡,跟大家分享 Easy Life ...


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