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Sydney-Sightseeing like a local

Sydney, Australia, Sightseeing

You might have the best spots and attractions under your belt, but there are a few more items you’ll need to tick off your list before you’re a tru...

4 Royal Family Hangouts in London

London, United Kingdom, Sightseeing

The latest Royal news has us all abuzz and reminds us it's time to book a trip to England's capital and home of the British Royal Family. We m...

7 Tips for Touring Tuscany

Italy, Sightseeing

If you close your eyes and picture 'Italy', chances are, it's the rows of vineyards and cypress trees, villas and farmhouses, fabled towns and hous...

Monaco Mystique: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the World's Most Glamorous Destination

Monaco, Sightseeing

It's been featured in no less than two James Bond movies. Not to mention To Catch a Thief, the Alfred Hitchcock thriller starring Grace Kelly....

This City Gets Another Designer Parking Garage - Yes, 'Park-itecture' is a Thing

Miami, Florida, Sightseeing

Architecture is the calling-card of a city. Some destinations are made famous by cathedrals or castles, towers or temples, statues or skyscrapers… ...

Fact or Fiction? 3 Things You Need to Know About 'Dracula's Castle'


Before every travel destination had a ghost tour and haunted hotels, there was Dracula's Castle.Irish author Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic horror novel...

3 'Starter' Greek Islands

Greece, Sightseeing

  'Greece' evokes two pictures in most people's imagination: the ancient cradle of Western civilization, democracy, philosophy,...

Yes he did! 'Luke Skywalker' Opens New Skywalk at One of the World's Most Symbolic Lookouts

Gibraltar, Sightseeing

And he even used a light saber. The actor famous for his role as one of space's greatest heroes didn't need to use the Force to launch the new...

Video: This is the New 'City of Light'

Montreal, Quebec, Sightseeing

Move over, Paris. There's a new 'City of Light' and it's the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. Festivals, style, cuisine,...

Easy Life Trip 服務範圍 ~ 溫哥華 / 威士拿一日遊

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Sightseeing

Easy Life Trip 讓您嘗試自助旅遊的深度彈性,省略掉自行安排旅遊事前繁瑣的規劃,與避免行程中單獨行動的風險,可說介於跟團和自由行之間。我們的宗旨堅持以「好玩、省掉繁瑣」為本,告訴您如何選擇適合你的半自助旅行行程,或幫您作半自助旅行規劃,代訂機票、住宿及部份景點的門票等; 不僅讓您玩...

6 Reasons to See Sicily

Sicily, Italy, Sightseeing

It's the largest island in the Mediterranean, with 14,000 years of history.Sicily is in the center of the Mediterranean Sea and has been central to...

There's Now an Official James Bond Museum and it's in a Very Cool Location

Innsbruck, Austria, Sightseeing

You might want to pack your black-tie outfit for this trip. After more than two-dozen movies in over 50 years, the original film spy hero fina...


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